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Solid-State LED


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Is it time to update your Collins S-line?  I offer here the chance to replace the PTO and Meter incandescent lamps with modern plug-in-play solid-state LED lamp replacements.    I have been offering such replacements for the Drake 4-line users and they have been received  so well that I pursued designing similar replacement lamps for my own Collins S-Line.   In the picture above the 75S-3 receiver on the left is using the original incandescent #47 lamps.  The 75S-3C on the right uses my new white LED lamp replacements.  Gone is the yellow glow and heat of the incandescents!

The life of an LED is longer than incandescent bulbs.  You will save on current draw!  The two LED lamps only require a total of 40mA whereas the original #47 lamps have a total of 300mA current draw.  That's over one quarter amps less current draw from the power supply and negligible heat dissipation from the LED's.

 PTO  Comparison

Below is a picture of the before amd after pictures of the Solid-State LED lamp replacement.  Click on either picture for an expanded view.

Original Incandescent

New LED Lamp


  Collins S-Line Kit
One Set Supports One Transceiver, Transmitter or Receiver.
A Collins 75S/32S Pair will require Two (2) Sets.

One  Frosted LED Bayonet Lamp
One Diffused Lens LED Bayonet Lamp
Full Installation Instruction Sheet

 Analog Display (PTO) Lamp (Above Left)   Meter Lamp (Above Right)

Built With A Purpose

These are not mass produced lamps.  Each lamp is  hand assembled  in my shop.  The bayonet bases are solid brass.  The meter lamp uses a frosted lens LED.  The analog display (PTO) lamp has a special manufactured diffusion lens which surrounds the LED.  This dispersion lens is milled from solid semi-transparent plastic.  It is not a hollow plastic covering!  By using a solid lens material the emitted light is dispersed all around the lamp, even below the base line.

Simple to Install

Installation is straight forward and every attempt was made for ease of installation.  This is a direct lamp replacement  and can be performed at the same speed as changing the original incandescent bulbs.


Please Order Using these Part Numbers

Used In
S-Line LED Lamp Set
75S All, 32S All
312-B5 and 30S-1*

* - requires two sets per 30S-1
LPW-FROST6 Single Meter LED Lamp
30L-1 and 312B-4

Notice:  There is no LED set for the Collins 51S-1 receiver.  That receiver uses a series connected chain of tube filaments and light bulbs to determine the corresponding voltage drops.  My LED's can not be used in place of the original light bulbs in this case!

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S-Line LED Lamp Set
For 75S, 32S, KWM-2(A),
312B-5 and 30S-1*

LPW-DIFFU6 $12.00
Single PTO LED Lamp
  For 399-1
LPW-FROST6 $10.00
Single Meter LED Lamp
For 30L-1 & 312B-4

* 30S-1 Uses two (2) MOD-SLINESET sets.  Original Plate ON lamp (DS202) does not get changed.

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