Hallicrafters FPM-200

Transmit Controls

Front and right on the radio are the transmit related controls. They consist of (Upper Left going clockwise):

Operation- OFF/STBY/XMIT/PT/VOX. This allows the ability to apply power to the transmitter seperately from the receiver side. Once switched from off to any of the other positions the transmitter tube filaments will light. PT is the normal Push-To-Talk which requires the activation of the microphone switch to transmit. In VOX transmission is controlled by your voice.

LIGHT - This actually functions for both Receive and Transmit. It is mearly the brightness of the lamps which illuminate the sliderule bandspread dial and the meter. It has three positions, OFF, DIM and ON.

Mode - Selects the mode of transmission. Either CW, SSB or AM can be selected.

Microphone - Jack to connect up the microphone.

Gain - Sets the microphone gain or output power in the case of CW.

Final Tune - Adjusted (peaked) for maximum power output.

Notice, this is almost a no-tune radio. Only one control, the Final Tune, is used to adjust and match the transmitter to the antenna. The only other radio that was capable of multiband operation with no tuning back in the late 50's and early 60's were the Central Electronics 100V/200V transmitters. This is probably the simplest tuning transceiver until broadbanded solid-state transceivers hit the market in the early 80's. Did I say this rig was way ahead of its time?