Hallicrafters FPM-200

Receive Controls

Front and left on the radio are the receive related controls. They consist of (Upper Left going clockwise):

Function OFF, AM, SSB/CW - This allows applying power to the receiver side of the transceiver. A nice feature if you are operating the radio from a battery 12VDC source and do not want to added power requirements of the high power transmitting tube filaments. When turned to the two remaining positions it selects to mode of receive that is being used. Either AM or SSB/CW.

XTAL CAL - Turns the internal 100 kc Crystal Calibrator ON/OFF.

Sideband - Select either Upper Sideband (USB) or Lower Sideband (LSB) operation of the transceiver.

Noise Limiter - Set the level of noise limiting.

RF Gain - Receiver RF Gain Control.

AF Gain - Receiver Audio Gain Control (Volume).

You can also see the selected band in the small window that appears to the left of the sliderule dial indicator. The band indicated will change as the Band Selector knob is rotated.