Hallicrafters FPM-200

What's it look like from behind?

How simple can it be? As you can see there is one cable that goes from the PS-200 Power Supply to the rear of the FPM-200. Out of the Cannon connector are two short RF cables that terminate to female BNC connectors. Yes, those are your antenna connections. Why two? One is for normal transceiver type work and connect to your antenna for both receive and transmit. Just like any transceiver out there today. Back in the days when this transceiver was manufatured most operators were still using separate receiver and transmitter combinations. Thus most power amplifiers in those days did not have an internal bypass relays to switch the big power amplifiers out of the line when you are receiving. Well Hallicrafters thought of that too! Gosh did they forget anything on this rig? The second RF cable only carries the RF transmitter signal for when you use a power amplifier. Then an external RF relay would be used after the power amp to switch the antenna between these two RF cable connections. Hey didn't Hallicrafters forget the neccessary switching voltages to control that external relay? No way, see that 11 pin octal-style (same as on Collins S-Line gear) jack on the back of the power supply. They have the TR switching control terminals right where you need them.