Hallicrafters FPM-200


As I am reminded daily, we don't live in a perfect world. As often is the case with radios, the knobs get placed on a little to close to the front panels. If there was one item Hallicrafters could have added it would have been some small cloth washers behind each dial. This would have prevented knobs from being pushed on a little to close to the front panel and thus scratching it over the years of use.

Well folks here is the worst of it on this otherwise beautiful FPM-200. The band selector knob was on to close and over time it started to scratch the front panel. I tried to take this picture to show the damage in the worst possible way. Strangely it did not do any damage to the lettering in the word "TRANSISTORIZED" on the front panel. That's it folks. The one imperfection that brought this FPM-200 into the world of reality and not a "stored away in and unopen box" radio. Considering that this rig was actually used in mobile operation I am extremely surprised that this is the only major imperfection.

Cry a tear and move on....