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For Sale:

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(Updated 12-Dec-2007)

Hallicrafters S-38D Shipping Box

Box is in solid condition.  With original stickers attached.  This was originally for the unit with serial number 103594.  The side of the box had the original shippers label  from Foley-Williams Co. in Longbeach, California being shipped to Hirshman Drugs on Beacon Street in San Pedro, California.

Inside the box shows it still has the base insert for the receiver.

Price - $35.00 plus shipping

That is not a dent at the bottom of the box,
but mearly a shadow from the flash.

Email me with questions.


Equipment and Parts:

Transmitters made by transformer companies such as Stancor, Thordarson, UTC etc. Especially those from the 1920's and 1930's.
James Millen amateur radio products.

National Radio Company:  NHU or NHU-20 VHF Receiver,  NTX-30 Transmitter, NTE Exciter amd NSM Speech Amp/Modulator.


Transformer company Ham Manuals and Catalogs from the 1920's through 1940's.

James Millen documents

If you have any of the above items and are considering selling them let me know.

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